H&M Criticised For Child Racist Campaign (Deliberate or Mistake)?

The recent H& M Campaign calls for great concern in 2018 on how a certain race is viewed by @hm and possibly other unrevealed companies. On the other hand I am curious to know why this young 🤴🏾 parents could approve/consent to such an advert? Is it for the money? I find it hard to understand why any parent, especially being black and being aware of the unending stereotypical expressions towards black people for monetary gains. This is messed up on all levels from The Billion Dollar H&M and also prompts the question of his parents motivation to consent to it, possibly for the money?

H&M Racist Campaign – Now King of The World

Legally, before an advert or commercial gets publicly released, it must have gone through thorough checks by H&M, their Public Relations Team and most importantly their legal department for any offensive content. So this isn’t excusable as it comes across as deliberate to create attention for H&M to then apologise afterwards. Did H&M consider the future of the youths or was this all motivated by money and attention?

(We all know right from wrong & we all know racism is still alive).


Written By Ikenna Obi (2018).