6 Year Old Sensation Raps Big Shaq’s MansNotHot Word For Word

On the 25th December 2017, a young 6 year old British born Udechukwu Okoro of Nigerian Parents and a big fan of British Rap sensation Michael Dapaah aka Big Shaq and MansNotHot artist sang the hit song Mans Not Hot, word for word and created an internet sensation on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and most recently Facebook.

Young Ude With Some School Awards

6 year old Ude chilling on a Harley Davidson

The child star has since captured the hearts of many music lovers with his unequivocal talent and natural expressions from his none rehearsed performance. https://www.facebook.com/RealIkennaObi/videos/1881884845155344/.

Young internet rap sensation

What are your thoughts on this 6 year old internet star?


Written by Ikenna Obi (2018).